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Joyce Thembisile Jokozelasays...

I requested for wothdrawal with nexpol but it say done but nothing in my bank account where is the money i made kanti

Md.Rabiul islamsays...

I sent my payment from nexpol but nexpol showed payment is done. But still I didn't received my money to my PayPal account till now? What is the problems

Elaine Hepplethwaitesays...

Biggest waste of time ever! Had high hopes for this opportunity to make money. Traded daily until I had enough to withdraw. Now my balance says - $493 and my profit is $173 but withdrawal says done! What bull**** like where is the payment and who TF are the fake a** people giving fake reviews. Ugh I hate scammers!

Daniel KONRADsays...

I requested for withdrawal from. and am seeing done in my payment request and haven't gotten alart on my wallet what's the problem

Njoume Nzenkwe tabisays...

I request my payment is showing waiting for over hrs now what is happening is these a scam

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