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Trust Score: 1/100 - High Risk

Address: There is NO Address info listed on their Contact Us page.

Phone: There is NO Phone Number listed on their Contact Us page.

E-Mail: There is NO E-Mail Address listed on their Contact Us page.

Customer Support Score: 1/100

Last Checked on: 05/11/2022

Site Notes: They listed FAKE addresses and phone numbers on their About Us page.

Comments (5)


I ordered some perfumes from it. They told everything are authentic. But I checked everything after I got. They all are fake. And one of them was leaking. If anyone want proofs I can give them too. They will tell they are testers, But I know how to recognize original and fakes.


I bought from them on June 1st. three perfumes. It’s September 1st now and they can’t send them to me. Does not respond to emails.


They took my money (USD$709) and did not send products or even a tracking and they do not respond to your emails after you purchase but will gladly respond to any email you have inquiring about perfumes before they get your money.

miguel omanasays...

only selling fake perfums i got scam please stay away from them read chapter 6 before you buy on terms and conditions on this website

Furkan Uzunoglusays...


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